17 April 2012

B2 sized colour pencil drawings from the "Escape" series.. a bit 'dusty', but I felt like share it with the public.
spec-thanks-for-Arpad-Bari (not only for being an amazing model and helping with the digital procedure, but for teaching me a lot about friendship - thank you Árpi!)

05 September 2011

I'm fooked

If you have an iPhone you can download an app for Fook Art and you also can follow Fook on twitter (click on the title)

mobile perch

The 'mobile perch' has been addressed to Jules who happened to be my tutor at the university. During tutorials she had to drag a chair from one student to the next. I thought of this chair as a solution.. I am currently developing the design

30 June 2011

click on the title

If you click on the title a YouTube link will appear. About 1:03 you can watch a fraction of an interview, which I gave to The First Pint - The International's Guide to London - in June 2011


07 June 2011

Behave like a table

In my 'Flat to Form' project I have a conceptual series called 'Behave Like a Table' and this is one of them. Here, I am revealing the hidden divisions in a flat plain. By using tension, it can transform into a three dimensional form, yet snap back flat, to save space. I like to call this piece 'The Lazarus'.

04 June 2011

treat the flow

This concept is challenging the conventional way of seating masses of people, represented here with marbles. With my differently folded chairs (green side + cardboard model) it becomes much quicker for everybody to find their place as the barriers of movement are vastly reduced.

On the first picture there is Juliana Roldao, very talented graphic designer. Hopefully we will collaborate later..

17 May 2011

CROX table

A space saving concept.
Material efficiency was also an important bullet point in my brief.

Flat-pack, flat-cut, flat-fat;)

At the moment the flat-pack's holder is a design in progress.

21 July 2010

abstr-action digital

It helps to chill. How about you?

19 July 2010


Luca Rományi is a truly talented and passionate fashion jewellery designer. I am honored to consider her my friend. Check her website on www.lullatic.com, or just click on the blog entry's title. By the way this business card is my design too - who would guess

painting number 1

Another acrylic painting. Illustration of the 'all-time' capital's current landscape.

12 July 2010

plain to plan

I was thinking about a cheap but cool solution for my bed problem. I came up with this. I'll probably need some real material trial, but I can't wait to work with the technicians!

I will use one single ply wood (size: 170*287*2cm) as you can see the off cuts are other parts of the bed.

I was trying the Google Sketch Up, pretty good from a beginner, huh? :) about 6 hours left out 8.

10 July 2010

cellphone stand

Flat to form, handset podium. The model is made from birch plywood.

Logo Design, Experting

This is one of my oldest working logo design.


If you navigate to the site, you will see the little changes that I've done since I gave it to Bea Fodor

Do Not Touch

It's simple if you see one single needle, but when it comes to many.. difficult to read.

Adventures in the Beetroot Field

Commission by the 580 Ltd.

logo design, Paprika Stores

the design was made for Andras Bokor's Hungarian Shop, based in Ireland. A few month ago He and his lovely partner left the country due to homesickness, but the store is still running and waiting for those who want to try the Hungarian specialities, or those many who already miss it..

the typo based on Bauhaus letter face, as a Hungarian twist.

03 July 2010

flat-clay to form, the Thames River

The idea is based on the fact that approaching two points of any flat material will necessarily create a 3D form

the tile

for a short while I got trapped by repetition, op art and vector graphics.

painting number 2

London experience, that is..

Rhino Project for the Fighting Generation

Rhino Project is a Martial Arts Sportswear Company. Jocó still owes me a piece of cake ;)

flat pack 'snowflake box'

It's a flat-to-form project. Pull the box up from the plain!


Polarsheep is an 'electrock' music project. The logo and the web site graphics are my brain children. The action-web-site is under construction.

29 June 2010

spears of destiny

I've decided to overcome the preconceptions and create something innocently fearful in the original idea.
This is how the idea of the lancer-floor room with the suspension staircase occurred.